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Water Music on the Beach, Sunday September 9, 2018

Thanks to 6018N and Roman Susan Gallery for having us!

We closed out the day with our version of Pauline Oliveros' "Environmental Dialogues".
Our revised text:

"Observe your breathing. Gradually begin to focus on the sound and rhythm of an element in the soundscape. Support the sound vocally, mentally or with an object. If you lose touch with the source, wait for another."

We began with breathing and movement exercised lead by Sara Zalek. The group then, prompted by signs made by Gwyneth Anderson moved to different interactive installations created by, Gwyneth and Sara, on the beach where the participated in the composition. It's important to mention that even as we were standing, listening, moving that we were part of the soundscape, part of the beach regardless of physical or sonic color lines. And perhaps the best way to challenge them, and to decolonize our listening according to Jennifer Lynn Stoever is to listen to and out for each other and our envir…

OUT NOW - Electro-Acoustic Dubcology - I - IV on Bandcamp

Electro-Acoustic Dubcology I - IV by Norman W. Long

Electro-Acoustic Dubcology - I - IV
The title that refers to ecology: German Ãâkologie : Greek oikos, house + German -logie, study (from Greek -logi?, -logy). 1. The science of the relationships between organisms and their environments. Also called bionomics. 2. The relationship between organisms and their environment, a recording style made popular in Jamaica in the early 1970's called dub and the practice of Acoustic Ecology, studying the relationship, mediated through sound, between human beings and their environment. The recording and composition processes are a combination of acoustic-ecology, electro-acoustic and dub sound practice.  ​ Electro Acoustic Dubcology I (2007) ​ Source recordings from the Cornell Plantations, Arboretum Trail, Pond and Zucker Shrubs. Summer of 2007. Originally I planned to heavily process the sounds and render them to a drone to accompany listeners as they walk about the arboretum. Sort of like a li…