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Nebraska City Sounds

radio aporee ::: maps - user contributed projects

I'm finishing up my residency here at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts. I had a fantastic time. I completed a soundmap on Radio Aporee that anyone in Nebraska City can contribute to here:

I also completed three sound works and an installation. I will postmore posts later today and this evening.

Thanks Pat, Jenn, Ron, Jeff, Wendy, Christina, Kieran, Jennifer and Cynthia!

KHN AIR Project - Gardening at Night 4 / In a Garden

"Gardening at night IV"/"In a Garden", May, 2013, a sound installation made from sounds from Nebraska City and found upholstery patterns. Work was completed at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts artist residency program. Once I found these patterns in a box in the art center's basement, I was reminded of granular synthesis and Foucault's article on heterotopia.
Thanks for the amp Jeff!

sHop soundings

sHop soundings

Sounds collected, processed and mixed from and around two Southside Hub Of Production sites in the Hyde Park neighborhood, one from the 53rd and Lake Park Spring 2010(The old Hollywood Video, I am sure older members of the community remember older versions of the site.) and the other the Fenn House on 57th and Woodlawn Spring 2012. This is an alternate mapping and layering of these sites, their history, activity and materiality. I was honored to have been involved in both programs and was inspired by the enthusiasm and creativity of the community SHOP built over the years I had been involved.

Gardening at Night - 2003

Gardening at Night
Gen Arts' Emerge at Big House, San Francisco, CA
November 2003

Gardening at Night is an installation inspired by Zen Gardens and Yard Shows from the African Diaspora and Yard sales. This piece investigates how gardens collapse time and space, tell stories and trigger memories.

photos by Ben Needham