Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Record Release Event: Norman W. Long’s Electro-Acoustic Dubcology I-IV on Reserve Matinee $10

September 2, 2018
Elastic Arts
3429 W Diversey Ave #208
Chicago, IL

Electro-Acoustic Dubcology I- IV composed between 2007 - 2012, now packaged together in a limited cassette edition by Reserve Matinee and also available on Bandcamp. The title refers to a recording style made popular in Jamaica in the early 1970's called dub and ecology: German Ökologie : Greek oikos, house + German -logie, study (from Greek -logi?, -logy). 1. The science of the relationships between organisms and their environments. Also called bionomics. 2. The relationship between organisms and their environment. The recording and composition processes are a combination of acoustic- ecology, electro-acoustic and dub sound practice. These compositions are “versions” of his experiences in these spaces and communities.

Special Performances by:

Angel Bat Dawid

Angel Bat Dawid is a Black American Traditional Music Composer, Improviser, Clarinetist, Pianist and Vinyl Addict…Sonic archaeologist gathering and excavating soundz//music from space, the heavens, the ether and beyond. Restoring peace, love and healing to the world using the most powerful tool imaginable — OMINI-VERSAL SOUND. Music is a language, you see, a universal language.-Sun Ra

Xris Espinoza

A visionary musician, artist and thinker, Xris believes “the spiritual technology of sound [tone science] has the power to uplift the spirit, engaged and expand consciousness, reveal unfathomed depths of ancient wisdom and synchronize brainwaves with the natural acoustic resonance of mother earth La Pachamama.”

Sara Zalek

Sara Zalek is an artist, choreographer, and curator rooted in Butoh and investigations of personal identity. She is obsessed with time travel, experimental science, hybrid animals, permaculture, and the intentional act of transformation. // www.saratonin.com

Esper Werm


Studies in aleatoric music from one of the most exciting and promising producers we’ve crossed paths with this year. “Gunk 1” wastes no time murking up the stereo field, driving the most curious of listeners to embrace found rhythms and unknowable frequencies. The only personal reveal on the album, “Gunk 3”, sees a collaboration with Chicago saxophonist Carlos Chavarria (ADT, Inclusions, etc). Those who make it to the ninth gunk are treated with an insane psychedelic drone take.



Conceived, inspired, and partially recorded in Uptown’s historically famous Green Mill jazz club, ‘Smoke Signals’ is a haunting sonic reminder of those who once sat in our place. Themes of love & longing.. but from who? And from which angle?

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Soundwalk/Soundscape Composition Workshop @ SKYART

Thanks to SkyART and ThreeWalls for making this experience possible


Intro to basics of sound and acoustic ecology based on soundwalks, listening. We started our walk at SkyART where I we did breathing and ear calibration exercises to prepare ourselves for the walk.  We walked to Bessemer Park , stopped there and discussed the first park of our walk and gave brief history of the park and community. I gave a short demo of my recording practice. I attached contact microphones to the fence surrounding the tennis court. We continued our walk, this time we recorded sounds from the park with our recording devices.

Next two days I gave our students a brief demo on how I compose for sound and installation. This started my intro to GarageBand. I gave them a brief tutorial uploading files, editing, filtering, mixing, timeline editing, audio fx, instruments, and rendering to disc. Will render and upload to soundcloud.com

I found the staff, faculty and students very positive and receptive to the subject matter. This made my job much easier. I was really excited to do this in my own community and was very pleased with the outcome and the creativity of the SkyART students!

Calumet Sounds - Calumet Park Soundwalk - August 4, 2018

Thanks to the Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology, ThreeWalls, Chicago Park District, Night Out In the Parks, Joann Podkul, Kevin Murphy, Inferno Mobile and everyone who came out on such a hot day.

This walk was the third walk I led in the South Deering Community Area this summer. These walks I've lead, performances and recordings of these parks are part of my research for the RaD Lab fellowship I received from ThreeWalls arts organization here in Chicago.

The purpose of these walks are to share my creative process, introduce people to the process of soundwalks as a way of understanding their community, their city and their relationship to their neighbors and the environment. I believe listening across borders and cultures is an important part of the process of de-programming and de-colonizing our listening habits which leads to harmful beliefs in ourselves and others.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Option - Angel Bat Dawid w/ Lia Kohl and Norman W. Long May 7, 2018

Angel Bat Dawid and the Brotherhood of Spinn April 29, 2018

Angel Bat Dawid - Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Piano, Vocals
Adam Zanolini - Bass, flute, saxophone, percussion
Norman W. Long - electronics

Recovering Landscape

Soundwalk with Norman W. Long and Sara Zalek
Big Marsh Park
Chicago, IL

We began with introductions and a brief talk about the park and soundwalks, what they are and how to do them. Then we went through a few mediation and listening exercises to prepare us for the walk.

As we walk out route through the park, we were mindful of our movements, the changes in terrain, plant life and function of the park. For Sara and I we wanted to be mindful of how the park changed since our last walk and our last rehearsal/walk-through. We noticed more paths and more gravel paths making the walking paths less muddy, more native plants where there weren't since our last walk. As we walked Sara began her performance as a creature that combined the waste from the park with the form of a prehistoric life-form.

 We stopped along the way to improvise and set an alternate soundtrack to our walk. I used a battery powered "benjolin" style synthesizer improvising with the soundscape a Sara Zalek's performance.

After the performance we as a group discussed the walk and the performance in the context of the history of the site and what the future holds for this community and ecology.

Big Marsh 2018 SoundWalk from normanwlong on Vimeo.

WGLT Nov. 14 1995 DJ set

         Program director Chuck Miller hired me in August 1995 as a jazz dj for NPR affiliate WGLT in Normal,...