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FRIDAY MARCH 31 | 9:00 PM - Performance


Elastro: Radio Trio, Stephan Moore/Ed Osborn, Norman W. Long

vanvlissingen (afterburn) - lo res excerpt from normanwlong on Vimeo.

The video has imagery directly from the camera as well as spectral analyses (from a simple hand-made device one can attach to a smart phone) of the air quality of the prairie. The video obscures the landscape via the camera focusing on the newly scorched earth and filtered through a spectroscope that analyzes the air quality of the environment. The video features audio recordings mixed with analog synthesizers weaving in and out of the post industrial noise coming from the adjacent rail yard, local residences and the local ecology of birds and singing insects.

This project focuses on diversity, restoration, and resilience. The installation challenges notions of landscape by bypassing the pictorial and the beautiful, defining landscape by what it does, how it sounds and exposes how landscape is a complex matrix of networks. By …