Friday, January 3, 2014

More recordings - Washington Park Project

Just finished adding more recordings to my Washington Park project at Radio Aporee
( I've added a recording of a garden with a little rock fountain, pond with high school drummers in the back ground at the end of the Bud Biliken day parade route and some sound from the El station at 55/Garfield.


Washington Park Sun Ra Sound Walks:
This project's setting is at Washington Park in Chicago, IL USA. It was designed by American Landscape Architect Frederick Law Olmsted in the 1870's. I have captured the sound character of this place through field recordings. Along with the ecology, I have recorded activities and events at the park. My inspiration for this project is Sun Ra and his pamphlets he handed out while he was preaching in the park in the 1950's, along with other black speakers of diverse religious and political persuasions. Using the Radio Aproree application, I am presenting an audio palimpsest of Washington Park. I have recorded readings of Sun Ra's broadsheets taken from The wisdom of Sun-Ra: Sun Ra's polemical broadsheets and streetcorner leaflets, Ra Sun - John Corbett - WhiteWalls – 2006, on-site in several locations, recording of my walks including picnics, events like the African Fest, walks across the meadow, by the lagoon and sound interventions. Through the Radio Aporee application I am giving the local listeners a perspective on a space they experience everyday that they would not normally have, focusing on the park as a conduit for creative thought, cultural history, ecological preservation and recreation.

I've done quite a bit of recording in Washington Park. Please click the link above for a sound map of my recordings. I will be uploading my recordings from the park over the next few weeks. I will update you all on my progress. Right now I have one reading and three recordings from the African Festival of the Arts held on Labor Day Weekend.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Guns of New Year 2014

This has become somewhat of an annual tradition. I've recorded my neighbors bringing in 2014 with gun fire. Happy New Year.

Gardening at Night IV In a Garden

Gardening at Night IV In a Garden from normanwlong on Vimeo.

Sound Installation by Norman W. Long

Tomeka Reid

Last summer Composer/Improvisor Tomeka Reed asked if she could use some of my sounds and Sun Ra readings from Washington Park for her piece at Arts Incubator in Washington Park. These are pics from the performance from Sept. 15, 2013. Her score is at the top. She the cellist at the bottom pic with Todd Carter manipulating the recordings. Fred Longberg-Holm and Alex Inglizian were also involved in the improvising and processing offsite at the Logan Center across from the park on the University of Chicago campus.