Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Long/Elmore Duo - September 23, 2017

Angel Elmore – Clarinet

Norman W. Long – Electronics, Field Recordings

Recorded at Ignition Project Space, September 23, 2017
Performance was part of the closing reception for Van Vlissingen Prairie (Video Album) Installation

Long/Elmore Duo improvised with soundscapes from Van Vlissingen Prairie, Jeffery Manor, Big Marsh and Humboldt Park.

Performance explores ways of understanding, being and connecting to ecology and the unknown. Through breath, space, memory, time and machines. How time collapses and folds in on itself and triggers new realities and roads to travel. Is it OK to have an imagination in these times?

This is a convergence of traditions, non-traditions, experiences and sound making to create other black music.  After listening we realize these convergences happen more than we think.

Thanks to Ignition Project Space, Mia Capodilupo and Doug Dewitt

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