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AS220 Residency

Some of the things I worked on at AS220. :










Thanks to 3Arts and Alliance of Artist Communities for making this possible


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Recovering Soundscape - Big Marsh Saturday June 9 4pm-6pm

Recovering Soundscape
Big Marsh
11555 S. Stony Island Ave. Chicago, IL 60617
Saturday June 9 4pm-6pm
Soundwalk Lead by and Site Specific Peformance by:
Norman W. Long
Sara Zalek
What is a Soundwalk?
A soundwalk is a guided exploration of a site using listening focused skills. We will listen to how the site sounds, as we are moving through it. I believe that through listening we have a tool to define communities and ourselves. We also can use those tools to shape who we are and where we live. We will be listening for changes, interactions, conditions, weather, traffic, animals, insects, people, vehicles and other factors in what makes a place what it is.
How do you do it?
We start by listening in our own silence. Being mindful of our own consciousness. Then we focus on how we sound as we move throughout the site. We then expand our listening to what is near to us, what just passed us and then what is ahead. What we will consider during our walk? How do these sounds define w…

Water Music on the Beach, Sunday September 9, 2018

Thanks to 6018N and Roman Susan Gallery for having us!

We closed out the day with our version of Pauline Oliveros' "Environmental Dialogues".
Our revised text:

"Observe your breathing. Gradually begin to focus on the sound and rhythm of an element in the soundscape. Support the sound vocally, mentally or with an object. If you lose touch with the source, wait for another."

We began with breathing and movement exercised lead by Sara Zalek. The group then, prompted by signs made by Gwyneth Anderson moved to different interactive installations created by, Gwyneth and Sara, on the beach where the participated in the composition. It's important to mention that even as we were standing, listening, moving that we were part of the soundscape, part of the beach regardless of physical or sonic color lines. And perhaps the best way to challenge them, and to decolonize our listening according to Jennifer Lynn Stoever is to listen to and out for each other and our envir…

Big Marsh Soundwalks and Performances

Memory + Imagination + Presence
How to be in a place that is new and old?
How do I understand this place?
How do we understand this place?
When we do a soundwalk we prepare by noticing our breath, we listen to the closest things around us. Then we walk and listen to changes however slight. Acknowledge how we change the soundscape with each step and how the soundscape changes within Big Marsh. I started listening and recording as Big Marsh changed from a superfund “brownfield” site that was once home to “Slag and Ballast Company”, part of a network of factories, plants and mills for much of the 20th Century to a remediated natural area and bike park. I think the condition of the soundscape reflects the condition of the community. It was my goal to reintroduce people to a new soundscape that is of the south side of Chicago. Where industry, once the backbone of the economy is gone and the natural ecology being allowed to come back. There maybe a new future with the loss of industr…