Friday, April 23, 2021

HausMo Fun One: April Edition

A streaming party extravaganza going down on 8PM central / 9PM east

1) Fire-Toolz (DJ/Plunderphonics set) - 8:05-8:25

2) Pepper Mill Rondo - 8:30-8:45

3) Khaki Blazer - 8:50-9:15 

4) Norman Long - 9:20 - 9:45

5) Foodman - 9:50 - 10:15

6) Haley Fohr - 10:20

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Black Space in Winter


Black Space in Winter

Recorded as part of the We Series curated by Lia Kohn and Dierdre Hackabay. Bowls, Cymbals and electronics by Norman W. Long. Camera by Sara Zalek. Recorded at Marian R. Byrnes Park January 2021.  

Friday, March 19, 2021

Forsythia - March

wind, contact mics, forsythia, March 2021

Winter Grass

Wind, Grass, Contact mics, Late Winter 2021



Marian R. Byrnes Park, previously known as Park No. 562 or Van Vlissingen Prairie, is located in the Jeffery Manor neighborhood. At approximately 135 acres, it is one of the largest natural areas in Chicago. The site includes marsh, wet prairie, prairie, savanna, and woodland and is a great place to observe wildlife including frogs, snakes, birds, and deer. The video provides a brief history of the park from Norman W. Long’s personal perspective as an artist and local resident of Jeffery Manor. Then Long and Zalek guide us in relaxation and sensation exercises to the sounds and sights provided by this diverse ecology.

Norman W. Long - 11/5/20 at Elastic Arts

Kyle Gregory Price, Erica Miller, Norman Long - 11/5/20 at Elastic Arts

Sara Zalek, Norman Long, Xris Espinoza @ Elastic Arts - 10/4/20


Xris Espinoza - Tenor Saxophone, Drums, Percussion
Norman Long - Electronics, Percussion
Sara Zalek - Electronics, Metal,  Movement

MOTHERSHIP9 Virtual Exodus: The Great Cosmic Migration PART 11


MOTHERSHIP9 Virtual Exodus: The Great Cosmic Migration PART 11 Featuring - Sura Dupart, Xris Espinoza, Norman Long Greetings Mystic Travelers & Psychic Healers, Curated by Angel Bat Dawid

The mythological Mothership9 sound craft took a year to build and is readily equipped to leave racists planet earth. Launching into virtual space on BLACK Friday, join Mothership9 special taskforce of BIPOC Creative Musicians, DJ's, Sound Artists, Scholars, Dancers, the Youth and even a June Tyson Tribute as they explore the nebulous galaxies of Blackness with epic performances, discussions and most importantly community! ALL ABOARD THE MOTHERSHIP9!

Molly Jones & Norman W. Long @ Elastic Arts Improvised Music Series - 3/4/21


Molly Jones - Tenor Sax, percussion, electronics

Norman W. Long - Electronics

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

LIVE from Lockdown 3: World Listening Day 2020

Mixed live on World Listening Day 2020, July 18, 2020. You can read my thoughts on this year’s theme: “The Collective Field”, here. This mix collects the Black spaces and Green spaces of Black neighborhoods on the south side of Chicago, from hydrophone recordings of marsh land at Marian R. Byrnes Park and Big Marsh to picnics at Washington Park and neighborhood parties. 

When we say Black Lives Matter then Black space matters, Black Sound matters, then sounds we make, hear, live with and create matter and must not be dismissed or denigrated before they are heard. This is what I tell myself. We need our creativity and sensitivity. I haven’t led  soundwalks since the lockdown. However, I have been recording our prairie and have many recordings of an urban community with a wildlife reserve. The prairie is located between Jeffery Manor, a residential neighborhood in Chicago, IL and a large rail yard. This area is also called the calumet region and was once inhabited by Indigenous tribes of Miami, Potawatomi, and Illinois. There has been a lack of investment and dis-investement we have struggled with over decades.This community has suffered tremendous loss of local economy and ecology over many years. Recording during a pandemic gave me a chance to reflect on the sound of crisis in an area lacking economic investment. We must be present while we fight for our future. This is a time of expansion and liberation. These recordings offer us a way to listen to communities of color by listening for the ecological, economic and residential life that make up the community to decolonize our listening according to Jennifer Lynn Stoever(The Sonic Color Line) is “to listen to and out for each other” and (to add) our environment. 

HausMo Fun One: April Edition

A streaming party extravaganza going down on http:// 8PM central / 9PM east 1) Fire-Toolz (DJ/Plunderphonics set) -...